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Outdoor spaces are some of the least developed, yet most coveted features in urban homes. Outdoor Habitat partners with Brooklyn architects, developers and building boards to design outdoor spaces with intention: environments that are as durable and sustainable as they are welcoming and attractive.

 We create and install customized sidewalk, rooftop, terrace and yard gardens — including furnishings selection — enhancing these valuable spaces of your building. Maintenance is offered to prolong and enhance your gardens over time.

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We can engage with a building at different points of development:

- Pre-Construction: offering guidance on plumbing, integrated planters or shade structures
- Pre-Showing: design and install to optimally enhance your outdoor spaces to buyers
- Post-Occupation: breathe new life into underutilized common outdoor spaces

For all stages, we highly recommend an ongoing maintenance plan after install. 

You are left with a living garden in a beautiful, yet low-maintenance design, furniture (if needed) to support heavy use and a fully installed irrigation system. 


From her childhood, Heather Burkman has been immersed in the outdoors.  Growing up on 13 acres where all yard work was done "in house", she learned early the ins and outs of gardening, maintenance and — more importantly — the joy of nature. Heather has lived in NYC for 12 years, maintaining an urban garden all the while.  She's designed gardens, rooftops, terraces, and yards across Manhattan and Brooklyn, including private and common spaces.  Heather creates beautiful green environments that center on perennial, low-maintenance plants; environmentally-friendly and practically designed for busy lives. 

Heather lives in Columbia Waterfront, Brooklyn with her family.


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